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Patient Satisfaction Survey Comments

June 2018

“They (techs & nurses) work very hard and all deserved to be treated better. Especially Ms. Kristin, she holds this place together.”
“The nurses and techs were great. ”
“My techs were great, especially Art and Kamesha.”
“Nurses and techs were awesome.”
“Art and all the staff are so very awesome. Claudia is awesome – a pure joy.”
“Adine, Ken, Kamisha – so sweet!”
“Kari, RN, Janet, RN, Ronda, RN – AMAZING GRACE.”

“Counselors are wonderful. Staff amazing.”
“Natasha is 10 stars!”
“Natasha and Wendy are GREAT!”
“Natasha and Wendy stand out as excellent!”

Other/Multiple Staff Members
“Staff was great! Art, Kristin, Stacie, Amber, Nick, Kamesha…I could go on. Experience was great!”
“I had a very educational, helpful, and enjoyable stay at Magnolia.”
“This has been an amazing experience! Enlightening – my life will never be the same. Thank you all so much. Again, thank you!”
“Brandy, NP, sweet and professional.”
“The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, especially Natasha and Alison & Art, Renee, Kari, Denise and Suzie (as well as Kristin). I also really enjoyed Kristin’s sense of humor. Danielle was sweet too. The Rec. Therapy sessions were informative. Thank you for working hard to make this a positive environment.”


April & May 2018

“MHT Art was very cool overall.”
“Mrs. Denise, Art, Mr. Kenneth, Nurse Stacie and a few others are such good people and very caring.”
“I felt comfortable with techs!”
“Denise and Hailee are both excellent nurses. Hailee worked with me to refrain from resorting to bad habits.”
“Kenneth was amazing. He spoke absolute truth to us all, no matter how hard I tried to listen, he showed me a new path.”
“Art was also amazing. He worked tirelessly to make the day go on. He brought light and humor to the schedule.”
“Nick is pretty cool. He was a great tech.”
“Kristin and Adine were very good and nice. Suzie gave the most emotional speech.”
“Tyler and Diane were very happy and helpful. Their attitude was contagious.”
“I would like to thank the staff, to name two is Art, Tech and Adine. They helped me greatly to get into a routine.”

“My therapist understood my needs – Amazing!”
“Wendy was amazing. She helped me when I needed it most. She seemed to be the only one who noticed how I needed help. She worked with me one on one to help educate and talk with me.”
“Danielle was amazing. She worked with me and encouraged me to work on various art projects. It was therapeutic.”
“A special thanks to Mrs. Wendy for opening my mind and letting me see a different way of viewing life.”

“Loved music time with Kelby.”

Other/Multiple Staff Members
“The staff was great and I thank everyone for the help and love.”
“Overall staff good.”
“It was great.”
“A great place for support and comfort.”
“The staff here rocks.”
“Natalie, Kenneth, Kristin, Jim, Natasha A. – these people went above and beyond to help out with everything.”
“Staff help me.”
“Liked all of the techs as well as the therapist. Didn’t like the psychiatrist’s approach.”
“The whole entire family of Magnolia got my life together and a lot of my family will be coming here. Kristin, Suzie and Mrs. Natalie helped me blessed.”
“This place will help people.”
“All staff members were very helpful and amazing!”
“Very respectful and wonderful staff.”
“Staff is excellent, very caring!”
“All of the staff helped me every day I was here. You all get an A+.”