Music To Our Ears

Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas is thrilled to announce our new Recreational Music Program. We are launching our program March 9, 2018. One of our very own, Kelby Youngblood , has volunteered to head our new program.

Our vision for this program is for patients to utilize recreational music as a positive coping skill. With this program we hope to instill the foundation of a therapeutic skill set that the patient can continue to use after leaving our facility. At MBH we believe that one of the most important aspects of rehabilitation is continued self-care. We believe that music is a positive avenue that is available to everyone that can be utilized for its therapeutic effects.

We are pleased to share that we received a generous donation from one of Longview’s very own Mr. Ken Chinn with Chinn Guitar Project! Our program will be offered two days a week. It will be an hour group where patients will have the opportunity to engage in this exciting time of hands on recreation with various musical instruments. Our patients will have the option to learn the basics of how to play the guitar, show off their skills or simply listen. We see it as such a blessing to have the opportunity to offer this program, as a therapeutic relief for different issues, from stress relief to mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

A little bit about Kelby Youngblood.
Kelby currently works as an Admissions Specialist here at Magnolia Behavioral Hospital of East Texas. He is a native to White Oak, Texas and has been playing the guitar for 4 years. He was taught by Ryan Knight of Chicago and Matt Richard of New Orleans. He adds that his influences include Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Paul Gilbert . When asked if he would be interested in heading our music program, without hesitation he was in front of the board giving his ideas. He is extremely excited to get this program up and running working closely with our Clinical Director, Neli Medina.

“Music has always been my background. I grew up listening to 80’s rock, it inspired me to eventually pick up the instrument and learn. Music is an escape and allows me to be creative and show my personality.” -Kelby Youngblood

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